Mississauga Valleys, City of Mississauga (1960–90)

Mississauga Valleys is a comprehensively planned subdivision. Like Meadowvale and the Peanut, the study area contains a central ring road to which neighbourhood units are attached. The west side of the study area contains high-rise, "tower-in-the-park" slab apartment blocks while the east side contains predominantly ground-related housing. Almost 60% of the dwelling units are in high-rise apartment form and only 14% in single-detached houses. Mississauga Valleys has the second-highest net residential dwelling unit density in the sample, as well as the second-highest gross and developable area population densities.

Unlike the other master-planned areas of the same era such as Meadowvale, Malvern, and the Peanut, the grocery stores and shopping plazas are at the edge of the study area, not in the centre. Instead, the land within the ring road is focused on large-scale parkland. There is no industrial or office employment land in the study area. Perhaps reflecting its proximity to a GO passenger rail station and its location on a frequent-service local bus line, the area has a fairly high transit mode share for journeys to work -- 19%, comparable to the study areas in the City of Toronto.