Meadowvale, City of Mississauga (1970–90)

Meadowvale, in northwestern Mississauga, was a small village in Toronto Township that was incorporated into the City of Mississauga in 1968. Most of the housing stock dates from the 1970s onward. The street network is the classic "spaghetti" pattern, with loops and cul-de-sacs branching off a central ring road focused on the Meadowvale Town Centre mall, the Meadowvale Community Centre, and Lake Acquitaine Park. This design is clearly intended to function as a large-scale neighbourhood unit, with a full range of community amenities located at its centre.

Meadowvale contains a mixture of housing types. While non-ground-related units account for two-thirds of the total, only half of these are single-detached. About 21% of dwellings are in high-rise apartment form. Despite this mix, Meadowvale is of no higher density in net or gross terms than Oshawa or Leaside.