Cachet, City of Markham (1990s)

Cachet is located at the northwest corner of Markham, east of Highway 404. The study area is divided into two zones separated by a protected creek area. No roads connect the two zones. The northern segment is a planned area for "executive," large-lot housing, while the southern segment is a more conventional suburban subdivision, organized around a system of loops that connect more frequently than those of earlier subdivisions. A shopping centre is in the southwest corner.

Almost 83% of the housing stock is single-detached houses and 14% are rowhouses. Due to the very low density of the north zone, the net residential density of the site is the lowest in the sample and its combined population and employment density is the second-lowest after Bronte's. Even though it has the lowest net population density in the sample, this figure is only as high as it is because it has the highest average household size. There are few jobs located in the study area, 37% of which are located in the home.