Brontë, Town of Oakville (1946–80)

The Bronte study area was largely built out between 1960 and 1980. With all of its dwelling units in single detached form, Bronte has the second-lowest net residential density of all the study areas. Adjoining Highway 403 to the north and bisected by a major rail corridor, the study area is divided into two zones that are entirely disconnected from one another, one residential, the other industrial.

The residential portion was designed as a series of three neighbourhood units, each centred around a school and with limited connection to each other. Oddly, the GO regional rail station is located in the industrial zone on the other side of the railway tracks from the residential zone, unreachable on foot. While the study area has the highest ratio of jobs to residential population of the sample, it also has the lowest combined population and employment density, at less than half the Growth Plan's target of 50 residents and jobs combined per hectare.