Haldimand County

Official Plan (OP)

Haldimand County Official Plan, June 8, 2009

Mapping source

North Land Use Plan, Schedule A.1; Southwest Land Use Plan, Schedule A.2; Southeast Land Use Plan, Schedule A.3; Office Consolidation June 2011

OP description of mapped area

Urban Boundary

Settlement areas

Attercliffe Station, Blackheath, Byng, Caledonia, Canborough, Canfield, Cayuga, Cheapside, Columbus, Decewsville, Dunnville, Empire Corners, Fisherville, Garnet,Hagersville, Jarvis, Kohler, Lowbanks, Moulton Station, Nanticoke, Nelles Corners, Port Maitland, Rainham Centre, Selkirk, Sims Locks, South Cayuga, Springvale, Stromness, Sweets Corners, Townsend, Unity Sideroad, York

New or amended OP

No additional urban settlement areas have been designated and no boundary adjustments have been made.


1. Haldimand County is a single-tier municipality, therefore no lower tier-mapping is available.

2. Rural Industrial, Industrial and Major Industrial, and Resort Residential Boundary were not mapped as settlement areas.