City of Hamilton

Official Plan (OP)

Hamilton-Wentworth Official Plan, June 2005, Consolidated December 12, 2007

Mapping source

Map No. 1 - Regional Development Pattern, September 2011

OP description of mapped area

Urban Area Boundary, Rural Settlements. Rural settlements are conceptually identified at the upper-tier level.

Settlement areas

Alberton, Binbrook, Carlisle, Concession 5 & Centre Rd, Copetown, Flamborough Centre, Freelton, Greensville, Hamilton, Jerseyville, Kirkwall, Lynden, Millgrove, Orkney, Rockton, Sheffield, Strabane, Tapleytown, Troy, Waterdown, Westover, Woodburn

New or amended OP

Urban Hamilton Official Plan, March 16, 2011; Rural Hamilton Official Plan, Schedule D, Rural Land Use Designations, January 20, 2012; Airport Employment Growth District, Appendix E to Report PED10153a, August 19, 2010

Mapping source

Urban Hamilton Official Plan, Schedule E, Urban Structure, July 9, 2009; Urban Hamilton Official Plan, Airport Employment Growth District Secondary Plan, Land Use Plan, Map B.8-1, August 25, 2010

OP description of mapped area

Urban Boundary, Rural Settlement Areas


1. Hamilton is a single-tier municipality, therefore no lower tier-mapping is available.

2. The detailed historic boundaries of rural settlement areas are not available online. Consequently, Schedule D of the Rural Hamilton Official Plan was used to delineate the boundaries of these settlement areas. It was confirmed by City of Hamilton planner Lindsay King that there were no proposed expansions planned to any of the smaller settlement areas in Hamilton.

3. The proposed urban area expansion related to the Airport Employment Growth District was not added as part of the Hamilton official plan review, but instead proposed through a separate Employment Growth District Secondary Plan and Official Plan Amendment (OPA). These lands were mapped as a settlement area.